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Paul Raschid

Director • Screenwriter



Photo by Charlie Carter

George Blagden - Actor (Versailles, Vikings, Black Mirror)

Worked with Paul on 'The Gallery''

My experience working with Paul has changed me as an actor.  It is so rare to be able to work on something that not only creatively fulfils you, but also allows you to learn and develop as an artist, and this absolutely represents my time working with Paul on his interactive feature film, “The Gallery”. The atmosphere and the culture that he creates on his set is something that I will never forget.  He is extremely talented - single-handedly crafting and envisioning an interactive feature film of this scope requires that! But more importantly, he also has an unrelenting work ethic, motivating every single member of his team to operate at their very best level.

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Anna Popplewell - Actor (Chronicles Of Narnia, Regin, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn)

Worked with Paul on 'The Gallery''

I worked with Paul on his recent interactive thriller, ‘The Gallery’, and it was a total joy to be directed by him. I was blown away by Paul’s extraordinary work ethic. Not only did he have an encyclopedic command of the intricate script he had written, but he finely balanced a very clear picture of what he needed to achieve from each shot with a refreshing openness to new ideas and collaboration. He was always positive and energetic on set, and gave such generous notes. He was a dream to work with, and is a real talent.

Photo by David-Simon Dayan


John Giwa-Amu - Producer (The Party, The Machine, Don't Knock Twice)

Worked with Paul on 'The Complex', 'Five Dates' & 'Ten Dates'

As a director Paul is a hard working, calm and assured presence on set. It’s important to remember he still has the luxury of time to grow further and already has five features under his belt as director. I’m in no doubt that Paul is a complete package and will continue his ascent to becoming an internationally acclaimed British talent – indeed he already is.

Photo by Chris Green


Heather Basten - Casting Director (Blank Shores, Shagbands, The Complex)

Worked with Paul on 'The Gallery', 'Five Dates' & 'The Complex'

Paul is an incredibly creative and intelligent director and writer. When it comes to casting, he has an incredible relationship with his actors, and is able to direct them in a way that always brings out their best performance, both in the casting process and on set. Paul looks beyond what is reachable in casting, and many experienced actors and known performers are very keen to work with him.

Photo by Sarah Harry-Isaacs


Photo by Larry Busacca

Kate Dickie - Actor (The VVitch, Game of Thrones, Red Road)

Worked with Paul on 'The Complex'

Working with Paul on The Complex was wonderful. The interactive film had seven possible outcomes, so we had many strands to film and I can’t praise Paul enough for his vision and vitality in handling such a huge, complicated film. He was so full of positivity no matter what obstacles we faced. He has a great clarity in his directing while still being very open to collaboration from his team and his actors, the perfect mix to create an open, safe space to explore your character to its fullest. It was a beautiful experience, I can’t praise him enough.


Photo by Wolf Marloh

Mandip Gill - Actor (Doctor Who, Hollyoaks, Good Karma Hospital)

Worked with Paul on 'Five Dates'

Paul is a very professional and confident director. He is an actors' director who is willing to listen to suggestions and leaves you space to explore. It was a very smooth journey working together on something that was very complicated, Paul had prepared the scripts and direction so well there was very little room for confusion and error. He is a very approachable which for an actor allows you to be relaxed and create your best work without intimidation; I alway felt comfortable to ask him anything even if it felt small or obvious. I look forward to working together again on his interesting and enthusiastic projects.

Marisa Abela - Actor (Industry, Cobra, Five Dates)

Worked with Paul on 'Five Dates'

The energy set by Paul when working on one of his projects is collaborative, playful and utterly joyous. His enthusiasm for the work he creates is totally infectious and completely justified by his authentic and heartfelt writing. I absolutely loved working with him and hope to again. 

Photo by Simon Aanand


Oded Fehr - Actor (The Mummy franchise, Resident Evil franchise, Sleeper Cell)

Worked with Paul on 'White Chamber'

I had the privilege of being directed by Paul Raschid when he was only 24 years old, a fact I needed to be constantly reminded of. The ease with which Paul ran his set, his ability to be efficient yet uncompromising of quality and the gentle manner with which he directed his actors and crew pointed to a much more seasoned man.  I can’t wait to work with him again!

Photo by Emily Sandiffer


Amrita Acharia - Actor (Game of Thrones, Good Karma Hospital, The Sister)

Worked with Paul on 'White Chamber'

I have had the privilege of working with Paul on his award-winning film 'White Chamber'. This was hands down one of the most organised sets I have ever worked on, with authenticity and talent at its forefront. Paul has a clear vision which he communicates with ease and command to his cast and crew, and his writing is varied and unexpected. I’ve been lucky enough to read some of Paul’s in-development projects and find his work original and challenging.

Photo by Michael Shelford


Michelle Mylett - Actor (Letterkenny, Bad Bloods, Antisocial 2)

Worked with Paul on 'The Complex'

I worked with Paul on a project in 2019 called “The Complex”. It was, without a doubt, one of the most complicated scripts I had ever read/acted in. Paul was that sets anchor and there’s no doubt in my mind it was only pulled off because of him. His skill, INSANE work ethic, and compassion for every single person there was what made that film happen.

Photo by Paul Smith


Silvia Belitto - Script Supervisor (Vivarium, Vita & Virginia, Supernova)

Worked with Paul on 'The Gallery', 'The Complex' & 'Winterstoke House'

I have worked with Paul on three different projects in the last 5 years and have seen how fast his growth has been, on both a professional and human level. He is a charismatic leader, who always respects and appreciates his cast and crew. He always knows what he wants but he is also very humble in relying on the expertise around him to help achieve this. I also found many times, when the general energy was down, he would be the one pushing everything forward and keeping morale up, like a proper leader. I would work by his side over and over again for as long as I am in this business.

Photo by Marco Lotito


Roland Heap - Sound Disposition; award-winning sound post-production facility

Worked with Paul on 'The Gallery', 'White Chamber', 'Winterstoke House' & 'Unhallowed Ground' 

Sound Disposition has worked with Paul across a number of projects over the last 10+ years, first as an actor and more recently as a director - and he's a real rising star. He's got a strong vision, a keen eye for detail, is calm and methodical even under extreme pressure, and is a true pleasure to work with. I hope we can make many more films together!

Photo by Anonymous

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