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Paul Raschid

Director • Screenwriter

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I am a London-based filmmaker with 7 feature-length writing/directing credits to date. My work has been selected for film festivals around the world and received various award nominations and wins; including a BAFTA Scotland for Shauna Macdonald's performance in 'White Chamber'.


I was incredibly fortunate to have grown up in the film industry under the guidance of my producer father, Neville Raschid. During these formative years I decided I wanted to pursue the craft professionally. In 2014, I completed a BA in English Literature with Film Studies at King's College London and my journey on the independent film circuit began.

It has been a brilliant journey so far in which I have been very lucky to explore various genres and work with some amazing collaborators.

I really hope you enjoy my work and thanks for stopping by!

Paul Raschid


Original Music by Roly Witherow

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